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McLaren Artura: no ecological malus and concrete guarantees

   The McLaren Artura, which is now available to order, is very much focused on after-sales guarantees. In addition, the British hybrid sports car will not be subject to any ecological penalty in our country.

With the Artura model, McLaren intends to do two things: drastically reduce the CO2 emissions of its range and win over new fans. Thus, the 680 horsepower hybrid sports car (585 horsepower for the V6 6.3, 95 hp via the electric block) and whose unladen weight does not exceed 1.5 tons, emits only 129 grams of CO2/km; which, in 2021 in our country, places it in the neutral box of the ecological scale (the first malus starts at 133 grams).

Battery guaranteed for 6 years :


A small feat that does not make it a sanitized car, with top-notch performance: the exercise of 0 to 100 km / h spread in 3 seconds and a Vmax given to 330 km / h. To better succeed in its bet of electrification on a “large scale”, McLaren has also particularly cared for the after-sales sheet, a model without real rival in the strict sense of the word on the market to date. The McLaren Artura offers a complete warranty of 5 years/75,000 km on the vehicle, 6 years/75,000 km on the hybrid battery and even 10 years on its bodywork (puncture-proof and this time without mileage limit).

A careful plan :

In addition, a 3-year maintenance plan is included as standard, covering the cost of all regular maintenance services required at 12-month/15,000 km intervals. Claimed to have an all-electric range of 30 km at a top speed of 130 km/h (WLTP cycle), the British supercar is available to order in France through the manufacturer’s official dealer network at a price of $248,000. Finally, it should be noted that in addition to the “standard” package corresponding to this starting price, the McLaren Artura is also sold in three other equipment levels: Performance, TechLux and Vision.


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