Mega launching cars in 2019

The cars are something that always is the center of attention for the automobile fanatics and the with every new generation of every car and the new launches, the beats of the heart start to increase of these fanatics.. Here is a list of cars that are going to be launched in 2019 and have been awaited for a long time. These cars range right from the hatchbacks to SUV, and from sports to luxury. Some of the mega-launching of the cars that most of the people are waiting since a long time are:

Audi A8:

The fourth generation of this car is set to be launched in the middle of the year and is arguably the most awaited car launch of the year. Not just for the people who do love cars by Audi, but by the people in general. This car is to have a diesel engine which is indeed a heavy one with a capacity of 3.0 litres with high torque and power. The car has a 7-speed automated manual transmission that reached from 0 to 100 km/h in just mere time of 6.2 seconds. The car is an equal proportion of sport and luxury.

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This is said to be one of the finest SUV that is manufactured by the company to date. The design of the car is enough to allure one and take a test ride. The design of the car is an ideal definition of muscle and power, and the performance of the car does keep this definition prospering. The car has a diesel engine of 3.0 L as of now and has a high torque of 790 NM and a high power 394 bhp. The car comes in automated transmission.

Hyundai Santa Fe:

The all-new Santa Fe by Hyundai happens to be said of the most prime and the classic SUVs that is made by the company so far. Just the design and the first look of the car has been enough to entice audiences all over. The car happens to have a heavy engine that is 2.2 litres in capacity. It has a diesel engine that comes along with a manual transmission. The torque produces by the car stands at 436 NM and the maximum power that is 194 bhp.

Mercedes Benz B-class:

Any car that is offered by the company is simply the best, whether it is an SUV, sport, or a luxury, the company happens to excel in almost all the categories. The car is a compact SUV and has a design that is really appealing to the eyes. The car has a diesel engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters and has automatic transmission. The engine is also powerful and has high torque and maximum power of 190 bhp. The car also has a number of other features that make it much awaited.

The year 2019 is indeed going to be a heartbeat increaser for all of these fanatics and is also bound to make even the non-fanatics to be attracted towards these new launches